Home Front

Spring is around the corner – time to take stock of things on the home front too!  Here are some wonderful ideas for giving your home a Spring clean and making sure it provides a healthy and hygienic environment for all the family.

Guilt-free dog treats

Packed with vitality-boosting protein, Billy + Margot dog food has been developed by a canine nutritionist

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A breath of fresh air

Indoor air can be many times more polluted than that outdoors, but Winix air purifiers help you breathe more easily.

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Chemical-free clean

Providing the perfect ‘no chemical’ clean, extra-thick Marigold Let It Shine! microfibre cloths are ideal for deep cleaning, wiping down surfaces and dusting.

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Laundry legends

Save energy versus a tumble dryer with the Vileda Sprint 15 Indoor Airer which features 15m of line and extra clothes hanger hooks, giving plenty of space to dry your washing.

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Wash day winners

Designed to deliver a tailored wash every time, Ebac E-Care+ washing machines are packed with cutting-edge innovation

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Taste the Doulton difference

Inspired by nature, Doulton’s ceramic water filters only remove contaminants such as lead, bacteria, micro-plastics and chlorine from your drinking water.

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