Spice up your winter entertaining with a delectable range of chutneys and relishes sure to perk up your winter menu, courtesy of McGertys.

The iconic cheeseboard.

Perfect for an after dinner treat and a staple of any seasoned entertainer.

For winter nights, festive entertaining or the ultimate in quintessential comfort food, create a perfectly balanced platter and try a combination of the following:

Sweet chutneys, such as their Farmhouse Chutney, provide the perfect contrast to traditional and robust cheeses such as a flinty, mature cheddar.

For a Hispanic twist, why not pair their rich and decadent Chipotle Chutney with manchego and cured meat?

Their Caramelised Red Onion Marmalade is the ideal accompaniment for brie or camembert, with its sweet and rich tones cutting through milder, creamier cheeses.

We suggest serving no more than four cheeses on your platter, as too much variety can overwhelm the palette. A standard serving suggestion for an after-dinner portion is approximately 125g of cheese per guest.

To get the best flavour from your cheese selection, remember to unwrap your cheeses, remove from the fridge and place on your board under a damp cloth at least half an hour before serving.

Creative Comfort Food

There are many great ways chutneys and relishes can reinvent your winter menu. Add depth and richness to a bolognese or ragu with their Tomato and Balsamic Chutney. Spruce up a sausage sandwich with a generous dollop of Sweet Chilli Jelly, or dot the relishes on a pizza (we suggest pairing Caramelised Red Onion with a goats’ cheese pizza) to give an extra layer of flavour.

Add to curries for a fruity and zingy kick or serve as a delicious starter on top of grilled cream cheese stuffed field mushrooms.

The McGertys range is a perfect store cupboard quick fix and these handy little pots will keep in the fridge for up to three weeks after opening.

With so many flavours to choose from, pick up a McGertys accompaniment from the deli and get creative!

The McGertys range can be purchased in your local Tesco.