Taste and Be Saved!

Taste and Be Saved!

Heavenly Meal Kits from Red’s True Barbecue.

For sure fire results every time, try Red’s True Barbecue range, with flavours brought to you by their American smokehouse restaurants. Red’s knows world class barbecue, having placed 4th at the 2018 Houston World Barbecue Championships, the highest ever overall finish for a non U.S. BBQ cook team.

As well as a divine range of authentic‑tasting sauces and rubs, the new Red’s True Barbecue Meal Kit range is perfect for recreating authentic U.S. barbecue at home. Containing a Red’s rub, sauce and ovenable bag, these handy kits mean that the flavours are locked in – praise be!

Available in the Bake in Bag aisle at Asda.