Repair and Protect

One of the UK’s leading automotive glass repair and replacement companies, Auto Windscreens has a fleet of mobile technicians, a network of fitting hubs throughout the UK and a state-of-the-art training and innovation academy. They always aim to provide a superior service, putting value, safety and total customer satisfaction at the heart of their business.

Their services include:

• Vehicle glass repair and replacement for cars, vans, classic cars, commercial vehicles, motorhomes as well as plant and agricultural machinery.

• Vehicle camera installation.

• ADAS recalibration – Auto Windscreens is the only leading vehicle glass repair company to have invested in building partnerships with manufacturers to combat issues around ADAS, rather than committing to spend on non‑manufacturer built recalibration equipment.  This ensures that any vehicle incorporating ADAS is fitted with an OEM windscreen and is recalibrated by their dealers, thus protecting both manufacturer warranties, and more importantly, driver safety.

Contact details:

0800 999 8000