Sunshine Feeling

Get your shine on this summer with the best in health and beauty products!


Pocket Polish

Travel sized essentials are a must these days when packing for exciting holidays or weekends away, enabling us to take our most loved products and home comforts with us. NEW Colgate® ProClinical® Pocket-Pro® electric toothbrush’s slim ergonomic design, together with a USB charging travel case, makes this a must‑have for any travel bag and is exclusively available at Boots.

For best results, pack a 25ml tube of toothpaste from Colgate’s travel range. Varieties include anti bacterial Total Healthy Clean, pain‑blocking Sensitive Pro‑Relief and brightening Max White One Optic.


Not Just for the Plane

Neo G travel and flight compression socks aid circulation and help energise tired, aching legs everyday.
Also available for wrist, knee, ankle and elbow.
Available at Boots.




Pro-ven Support

Made using the Lab4 group of four strains of friendly bacteria plus key vitamins and minerals, Pro-Ven Adult Acidophilus and Bifidus 25 Billion provides real benefits in supporting your digestive and immune health.

Pro-Ven also look after your kids, with Fit for School Chewable one‑a‑day tablets containing 12.5 billion Lab4 friendly bacteria per tablet plus vitamin C, shown to reduce the incidence of coughs and colds by 50%.

Find both products in-store and online at Boots.



Travel Better this Summer with Phizz

This Swiss effervescent tablet is your perfect travel companion.

Dry plane cabins, hot weather, water sports and summer cocktails will have you thankful you packed Phizz. Phizz helps you rapidly absorb more water & packs your glass with vitamins & minerals. These tabs have everything – electrolytes, glucose, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium & more.For the modern traveller, Phizz is a game changer.