The Best of British Gin

The Best of British Gin

Considering the mass explosion of gin over the past two years, there are so many heavy-weight and medium-sized gin brands to choose from along with the many hobby gin distillers that have emerged over the past year or so on the back of gin being literally ‘the’ hottest spirit on the market. So how can we pick out the best from the endless range of brands and price tags that are out there?

Daffy’s Gin stands out from the crowd. The liquid ticks all the boxes of a premium quality classic British London Dry Gin, embracing all the quintessential grass root elements that embody the heritage of what makes gin great but with an added extra frisson of excitement in packaging and taste. It’s the most moreish of drinks in trying to work out what it is that makes this gin taste so good.

Master distiller Chris Molyneaux

It is the result of a lifelong passion of master distiller Chris Molyneaux who along with his wife Mignonne, who is painted as the goddess of gin on the bottle by Robert McGinnis (legendary artist of numerous Bond and Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie posters) have created something truly special.

Molyneaux’s pioneering distillation technique involves pre-aging the finest quality botanicals, one of which is a Lebanese mint which along with the use of Spanish lemon and lime peel, gives the gin its incredible freshness and long creamy buttery finish. The process involves the use of an old copper pot whiskey still and many days of steeping botanicals and hours and hours monitoring a low steam pressure which results in an incredibly smooth gin of 43.4% strength which can be thoroughly enjoyed straight over ice with no mixer, or as the D&T, an outstanding gin & tonic with a fresh mint and lime garnish.

It is of no surprise then that Daffy’s Gin was chosen as the World’s Best Martini this year to add to its expanding treasure chest of gold medals from its industry award wins.

It truly is a British Great!

Available nationally in Waitrose stores, Oddbins, and Harvey Nichols or

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