The Italian Pantry

The Italian Pantry

To make real Italian food, start by stocking your pantry with the finest authentic ingredients from the Bontà Italia range where quality, knowledge and passion are at the heart of every product.

Their unbeatable ‘SpecialItaly’ collection includes Petti’s succulent Tuscan tomatoes that are chopped or sieved, passata flavoured with white truffle and many more delicious tomato products.

Further to their extensive range, discover pitted olives with a twist that are flavoured with hot peppers and spices, or choose from classic Pesto Alla Genovese and Sugo Al Basilico by D’Amico, for a simple yet tasty pasta sauce.

Essential to any Italian dish, BioLevante Organic DOP Terre di Bari Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from first cold pressed coratina olives which give an intense and fruity flavour, making it the perfect accompaniment to any dish.

Senso Rosso Balsamic Vinegar by Mengazzoli is PGI certified and made only from the finest grape varieties grown in the Modena region. It’s bold, bitter-sweet flavour makes it incredibly versatile, delicious used as a simple dressing or meat marinade mixed with salt, pepper and a splash of olive oil.

Bontà Italia’s Liguori bronze dye pastas are PGI certified and deliver an artisanal flavour and premium quality. Made from 100% Italian wheat and natural spring water, choose from Vermicelli for a simple tomato and basil dish, Farfalle to make a delicious pasta salad, Fusilli as an ideal partner to pesto and many more traditional shapes in their impressive pasta collection in 100% recyclable packaging.

Find the Petti, D’Amico, Levante, Mengazzoli, and Liguori ranges from Bontà Italia on Ocado.