The Power of Great Taste

The Power of Great Taste

Kanzi® apples have that sweet-tangy taste, juiciness and crunch that makes you feel happy and alive! Seize every moment in your own unique way and seduce life whenever and wherever you can. Bite into a Kanzi® apple today and discover the power of great taste for yourself!

Delicious in this Kanzi® Compote with Chocolate Mousse.

For the compote:

• 1 Kanzi® apple        • 1½ tbsp sugar     • 50ml apple juice    • 50ml orange juice   • 1 vanilla stick      • 1 cinnamon stick    • 1 star anise    • 1 tbsp water    • ½tsp potato starch dissolved in 1tbsp water

For the mousse:

• 75g dark chocolate    • 1 egg yolk    • ¼ tsp ground cinnamon    • 1 tsp rum    • 1 tbsp vanilla sugar    • 150ml cream

Method for the mousse:

Melt the chocolate in a bain marie. Mix the egg yolk and vanilla sugar in another bowl and warm in a second bain marie and beat until it has doubled in volume.Fold through melted chocolate and add rum and ground cinnamon. Stir and leave to cool. Beat the cream until peaks form and fold through the chocolate mixture. Chill for two hours.

Method for the compote:

Heat sugar in a pan over medium heat until golden brown, then add peeled and chopped Kanzi® apple and both juices. Add star anise, cinnamon stick, vanilla stick (halved lengthways) and water and simmer until reduced by half. Add potato starch, stir, then chill.